Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Message from Montreal

 Gerdy's Rescue & Adoptions
Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 10:41 PM
Subject: RE: [FREE BRINDI!] Ten months, birthdays, outlook

May God Bless her with her beloved dog.  Surely Brindi is fulfilling a purpose in life that she has reluctantly taken on, to draw attention to the plight of dogs in her situation and become a spokes-model for them all.  Way to go Brindi, you are not losing your grace, charm, or failing those you represent in any way, you are a wonderful example of patience and grace under fire, far superior to those who hold you in contempt and persecution.  FREE BRINDI!!     

Gerdy’s Rescues, Montreal
Photos from Birthday Rally in Halifax North Common, May 23, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

To Mayor Kelly and Premier Macdonald, From TLC Animal Shelter, Digby

From:  Komurdock@aol.com
Sent:  Monday, January 12, 2009 3:37 pm
To:   premier@gov.ns.ca , kellyp@halifax.ca
Cc:   rogier@eastlink.ca
Subject Francesca Rogier and Brindi

Honourable Rodney Macdonald
Premier Nova Scotia
Honourable Peter Kelly
Mayor Halifax

Dear Elected Officials:

While waiting for the judge's decision on the above case, the Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter in Digby, Nova Scotia wishes to add its voice and outrage at the above situation. It is absolutely disgraceful that it has been allowed to progress this far without any one of our leaders taking action. Clearly the animal control by-law giving sole authority to an animal control officer regarding the fate of an animal without review is antiquated and in this instance with a death sentence pending, barbaric.

Notwithstanding the fate of this poor animal, it is cruel and unusual punishment that Francesca Rogier has been made to suffer in this way. Not even being allowed visitation to her companion animal seems a violation of Human Rights. Criminals in our society are afforded more rights and freedoms than this poor woman and her dog! This in addition to an increasing financial burden she has had to assume in legal fees and the stress this has put on her own health is almost beyond words.

As a no-kill shelter, we find the decision to put down what appears to be a normal, healthy dog unconscionable. This animal did nothing wrong other than to act like a dog and let us be clear, this was not even a worse case scenario and no human injuries were sustained! Are we to sentence every dog to this fate if they act like the canines that they are and occasionally challenge another dog that appears to it to be a threat? Granted, owners are expected to train and keep their dogs in check in these instances, but not every situation can be predicted or controlled unfortunately. Accidents do and will continue to happen. Shelter and rescue dogs are particularly prone to these fear based behaviours and those that care for them are to be particularly commended for having enough love in their hearts to adopt a dog with special needs. They do not come with a handbook or a known pedigree, often times their history of abuse and abandonment are unclear and it is sometimes only through trial and error that owners uncover their pet's deep seated issues and then try to work through them with more love and training. We need to support people trying to do the right thing, not punish them!

It is clear by the letters of support for Brindi and Francesca that many people agree with our position. Most are probably taking a wait and see approach as to the outcome. However, if it is unfavorable you can rest assured that people will take to the streets in large numbers since it will send a clear message that all pet owners are now at risk. People with animals will think twice about moving or visiting a place with such policies in place.

Please reconsider your involvement in this case and return Ms. Rogier's animal to her immediately. This has been mishandled from the beginning; however, it is never too late to right a wrong. Ms. Rogier and Brindi deserve as much.


Preston Andrews, President
Dorothy Andrews, Manager
Linda Chalmers, Fundraiser and Volunteer
Kris Murdock, Fundraiser and Volunteer

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To Sean Kelly, Nova Scotia SPCA, From Silvia Reily, Lenexa, Kansas

From: Sylvia Riley
Date: Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 7:03 PM
Subject: Brindi
To: animals@spcans.ca

Dear Sean Kelly,

I am writing to you regarding the case of Brindi, the dog that is being held and is possibly up for euthanization, depending on the outcome of the court case.

I am in Lenexa, Kansas (near Kansas City), and although far from Nova Scotia, animal lovers unite across the entire globe. I am assuming you are an animal lover, and that is why you have chosen the career path in which you are in. I have been keeping up to date with Brindi's case, and am saddened by the fact that her guardian, Francesca Rogier, is not and has not been allowed to even make eye contact with her baby. I do know that she attempted to see Brindi a few days before Christmas, but was unable to do so. I know that it is the job of animal control to see to it that "aggressive" animals are not out running amuck to possibly attack.

Would it be a fair statement to say that you and your staff know that Brindi is not aggressive nor harmful? Instead, what we could say of Brindi is that she was born into a world where, unfortunately, there are many people who do not understand nor care to even begin to comprehend the value (not monetary), but the heartfelt value, and the uplifting of one's soul that having a beautiful animal in your life does for you. I do not know Brindi's background, and in fact, probably only Brindi knows where she has been, where she has come from. I do know that she spent two years in a shelter before being adopted by Francesca. What kind of life was that? I am not saying that animals are not treated well in shelters, because that is not what I think. I think it depends on the shelter we are speaking of, and I would like to think that your shelter does treat animals with the respect and love they deserve... no matter what their background is.

Brindi was not loved the way she should have been from the time she was born, and ended up in a shelter, and into the loving arms of Francesca. Due to some circumstances that you nor I can say we possibly understand 100%, because we were not there, there were some incidents where Brindi seemed aggressive. I know that there was an incident where Brindi got into a scaffle with another dog, causing a tooth puncture mark. Dogs will be dogs, just as kids will be kids. I think what we have here is a case of a misunderstood animal and a misunderstood woman. These misunderstood souls belong together, and I pray with all my might, that you find it in your heart to let them meet again.

Please let Brindi and Francesca look into one another's eyes, let Brindi kiss Francesca's face, smell her, love her, and let Francesca touch Brindi's soft fur once again, hold her paw, kiss her face. I pray with all I am that you understand, and that you have felt such genuine and heartfelt love for an animal in your life, that you understand what is is like when your hearts and souls are connected. Thank you for your time.


Sylvia Riley
Lenexa, Kansas

Sunday, December 28, 2008

From Peter Steele, Animal Saviors, Australia

From: peter@animalsaviors.org
Date: 28 December 2008 10:24:43 AM
To: bylawcomp@halifax.ca
Subject: Brindi

I am appalled by the decision to euthanize Brindi. Please, please,
exercise your discretion to return her to her owner subject to such
conditions as you may impose. This is a matter for educating the
owner - not for killing Brindi. The evidence suggests that this
dog lacks proper training. It is over-exuberant and obviously
excitable when taken for a walk. This is common amongst dogs who
require considerable exercise and who spend most of their time
within the confines of a residential property. Proper training is
all that is required.

The evidence is that she poses no threat to humans and the
incidents involving other dogs have been reasonably minor.
I have 2 dogs and one of them exhibited almost identical behavior
as that ascribed to Brindi. It was not the dog's fault. It was
mine. As a result I had both the dog and myself trained. The
behavior ceased and he is now a joy to take for a walk - on or off
the leash.

Please allow Brindi to be trained and socialized with other dogs.
Please do not kill her. I realize that Council has a duty to
ensure that dogs are properly managed by their owners for the
safety of others. But in making a decision about the fate of a
dog, may I respectfully submit that such a decision should be
tempered with justice and having regard to all the facts of this
case, it would be a travesty of justice if Brindi is forced to pay
the ultimate price.

Please re-consider in favor of Brindi and permit justice to prevail.

Kind regards
Peter Steele